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Abattoir is Vincennes Indiana's first and only haunted attraction. 

Abattoir opened in 2020 and had a great first season. 

By the way a haunted attraction is just a fancy way of saying a haunted house. 

Abattoir features 2 floors of horrifying experiences and ultra realistically costumed actors that will scare you to death! All of your fears and senses will be pushed to theIR limitS and you will never know what to expect when you turn the next corner. 

Illustration of Bones and a Scary Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should we bring little kids to this place?
    Probably not. We are a scary haunted house and sometimes the little ones can't handle the horror. The adults can't always handle it either. However, we do offer a lower scare experience. It is still gonna be scary but it will be less aggressive. Just ask at the ticket counter if you want to take a SCARE-LESS adventure. You will be given a special flash light to carry so our actors will know to take it easy on you.
  • Will the actors touch me?
    Depending on COVID-19 restrictions you might be touched. You will not be held against yout will or injured (intentionally) but you might be poked or prodded by an actor.
  • Are there stobe lights?
    Yes! There are a lot of lights that do a lot of different things.
  • Are there stairs?
    Yes. You will have to use two sets of stairs and you might have to crawl a little bit too.
  • Do we host private events for your party?
    Yes. Please contact us for details.
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